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Повар на речные круизы

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Подумай о будущем сегодня!
Прими участие в интервью 29 октября 2019 в Киеве и получи работу на речных круизах по Европе на период апрель — ноябрь 2020.
В чем привлекательность работы на речных круизах для украинцев?
•    You work under SWISS contracts and your salary will be 1075EUR per month.
•    Note that this salary is NET after tax deduction and paid for 42.5hrs per week. Crew works more than that, so they are paid OVERTIME! Also this salary does not include shared gratuities (approx 100EUR per week) and pocket tips.
•    After each 6 weeks worked on board all crew gets 2 weeks off paid vacation. This is mandatory by law and usually can not be worked and then compensated or accumulated for longer vacation.
•    Each time they go on 2 weeks vacation they get 200EUR lump sum for travel expenses. They may go home or stay in Europe and/or travel around during their vacation.
•    Salary is not paid outside the contract validity, so this means 7−8 months per year you work and get paid followed by 4−5 months time off with no pay.
•    Company pays in full joining and end of contract ticket expenses.
•    Medical exam that is needed is very simple and can be done with any doctor. No safety certificates or Seaman’s documents needed.
•    Health Insurance is provided for whole contract duration.
•    German work visa D type will be needed. Company will provide supporting documents. Usually it is free of charge, but takes around 2−3 months to process. Therefore visa application need to be started even before 2020.
•    Social benefits (sick pay, kids pay, pension, disability etc.) by Swiss laws may apply to those who worked several consecutive contracts.
•    Contract will be re-newed each season and salary increase may be offered to crew with good performance.
Основные требования:
•    Обязательное знание английского, знание немецкого крайне желательно
•    Запрещено наличие тату на видимых частях тела
•    Минимум 1 год опыта работы

Телефон:+370 46 345009
Компания:Ismira, UAB
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